“If you are running a business that deals in food, we either stock or can obtain almost everything you could want or need”

Tasfresh Foodservice provides customers a range of over 14,000 products from our distribution centres. We also offer our customers though our extensive & diverse supply chain access to in excess of a further 20,000 unique lines available by specialty order.

Tasfresh carries all major brands (and many not so major ones….), our product range includes: 

    Chocolate & Confectionery lines 

    Soups & Pastas

    Canned fruit & vegetables

    Canned fish

    Dried fruits & nuts

    Pet food

    Soft drinks

    Sport & Energy drinks

    Fruit juices


    Biscuits & Crackers


    Bar Snacks

    Instant Meals

    Sugars & Sweeteners

    Rice & Pastas



    Bread & Cake mixes


    Jelly & Mousses

    Tea varieties

    Coffee lines

    Sauces & Dressings

    Jams & Spreads

    Spices & Seasonings


    Gravies & Boosters

    Fats & Oils

    Specialty lines

    Personal Hygiene

    Cleaning chemicals

    Wraps & Foils

    Commercial & Retail packaging

    Butter & Margarine


    Cheese varieties


    Salami & Continental meats

    Saveloys/ Franks/ Hotdogs


    Frozen chips & potato products

    Frozen Chicken

    Frozen crumbed & battered chicken products

    Frozen Duck

    Frozen Turkeys & turkey products

    Frozen fruit

    Ice creams

    Cakes & Desserts

    Frozen bakery line

    Frozen takeaway lines

    Finger food


    Frozen Pie and Sausage Roll varieties

    Frozen Fish Fillets

    Frozen crumbed & battered seafood lines

    Frozen Prawns & Scallops

    Frozen Vegetables

    Ready to eat meals

    Fishing bait



   Fresh Cooked Turkey Products

   Fresh Cooked Duck products

   Fresh Beef

   Fresh Chicken

   Fresh Lamb

   Fresh Pork

   Fresh Sausages & Mince

   ‘Roland Range’ Premium Beef (our very own premium brand)

   ‘Roland Range’ Premium Lamb (our very own premium brand)

   Fresh Fruit & Vegetables - ‘If it grows we can get it’